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Back to School Hairstyles: Trendy and Easy Hairstyles for the New School Year


  • Starting a new school year is an exciting time for students as they get to showcase their style and make a fresh impression. One aspect that plays a significant role in their overall appearance is their hairstyle.
  • This article aims to provide a diverse range of trendy and easy back to school hairstyles that students can try out to look their best and feel confident.

1. The Classic Ponytail

The classic ponytail is a timeless hairstyle that never goes out of style.It is easy to create and keeps hair out of the face, allowing students to concentrate better.Variations of ponytails, such as high ponytail, low ponytail, side ponytail, or a ponytail with braids, can add a fun twist to the traditional style.

2. The Cute and Simple Braid

Braids are versatile and can be customized in various styles to suit different hair lengths and textures.Students can try a simple three-strand braid, a French braid, a fishtail braid, or even a Dutch braid.Adding embellishments like ribbons or colorful hair ties can make the braids look even more appealing.

3. The Effortless Messy Bun

The messy bun is a popular hairstyle choice among school-going students.It requires minimal effort and can be achieved within minutes.It gives a relaxed and casual look while keeping the hair off the face.

4. The Half-Up, Half-Down Style

For those who prefer wearing their hair down but still want an element of style, the half-up, half-down hairstyle is perfect.It involves gathering the top half of the hair and securing it with a clip or hair tie while leaving the rest of the hair flowing freely.This hairstyle is trendy and easy to create, adding a touch of elegance to any look.

5. The Chic Top Knot

The top knot is a chic and fashionable hairstyle that students can rock effortlessly.It involves twisting the hair into a high bun on the top of the head.This hairstyle works well for both long and medium-length hair and instantly adds a trendy vibe to any outfit.

6. The Sleek Low Bun

The sleek low bun is a sophisticated and polished hairstyle suitable for formal school events or presentations.It requires smoothing the hair down and securing it at the nape of the neck in a neat bun.This hairstyle exudes elegance and professionalism, making it a go-to choice for important occasions.

7. The Stylish Side Part

A simple change in the hair parting can make a significant difference in appearance.Students can experiment with a deep side part or a middle part to give their hair a new style.This effortless yet impactful change can transform their entire look.

8. The Trendy Space Buns

Space buns are a playful and trendy hairstyle that has gained popularity among young girls.They involve creating two buns on either side of the head, reminiscent of the iconic Princess Leia hairstyle from Star Wars.Students can make their space buns more unique by adding accessories like glitter or colorful hairpins.

9. The Braided Crown

The braided crown is a feminine and graceful hairstyle that adds a touch of charm.It involves creating two braids on each side of the head and wrapping them around like a crown.This hairstyle is ideal for those who want to stand out and showcase their creativity.

The simple twist is an elegant yet straightforward hairstyle that can be achieved quickly.Students can twist a section of hair from each side and secure them at the back with a clip or bobby pins.This hairstyle looks effortlessly chic and suits various hair lengths and textures.

10. The Simple Twist


In conclusion, choosing a suitable hairstyle for the new school year is an important decision for students. The hairstyles listed above offer a wide range of options that are trendy, easy to create, and suitable for different hair lengths and textures. Whether it’s a classic ponytail, a cute braid, or a chic bun, students can experiment with various styles to express their unique personalities. Remember, a well-groomed hairstyle not only enhances appearance but also boosts self-confidence.


1. Are these hairstyles suitable for all hair types? Yes, the hairstyles mentioned in this article can be adapted to different hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly.

2. Can these hairstyles be worn for other occasions besides school? Absolutely! These hairstyles are versatile and can be worn for various events like parties, weddings, or casual outings.

3. Do these hairstyles require specialized hair products or tools? Most of the hairstyles can be achieved with basic hair accessories like hair ties, clips, and bobby pins. However, using additional styling products like hairspray or hair gel can help improve the longevity of the style.

4. Can these hairstyles be done without professional assistance? Yes, these hairstyles are designed to be easily created at home without the need for professional assistance. Step-by-step instructions are included for each style.

5. How long do these hairstyles typically last? The longevity of the hairstyles depends on various factors, such as hair type, hair products used, and daily activities. However, with proper securing and occasional touch-ups, these styles can last throughout the school day.



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